Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Happy Birthday!

As a presently unemployed person I can’t say I was particularly enthralled at first with the idea of the Jubilee. I mean, who needs two extra days off when everyday is a holiday? If anything I was actually annoyed as it meant two more days when our visa process would not be moving along.
But somehow, slowly but surely, the great British spirit began to infiltrate my being, starting when I came home late on Saturday night to find my Mum had put up bunting in the living room. The good old red white and blue- sometimes it can’t help but make you smile. The following day involved the purchasing of some strawberries and cream and an impromptu BBQ, and before I knew it I was feeling the Jubilee joy.
As a newly converted enthusiast to the cause I was appalled and disgusted to learn that two separate individuals—a radio DJ and a member of the public on national TV—had both managed to loudly congratulate the Queen on reaching her 60th birthday.
Oh. No.
That, right there, is what's wrong with the nation, people. Whether you love, hate or are indifferent to the royal family, there is no excuse for that.  It truly frightens me to know that there are people who are that stupid.  

I ended up watching some of the performances at Buckingham palace on the TV, really wishing I was there. Something about big events in London just whips you up in a flurry of excitement. As I watched the Jubilee event I found myself touched by the sense of unity. I even enjoyed the part where the crowd chanted ‘Philip’ over and over so he could hear them from his hospital bed. Here Philip, one has rounded up a friendly group of football fans in your honour.
The pinnacle of the night was Prince Charles’ speech, which I enjoyed whilst simultaneously being slightly confused as to why Cheryl Cole was chosen to stand behind the Queen. Then there was the National Anthem and finally Land of Hope and Glory, a song that embarrassingly enough has the power to make me cry. That's right, I may have shed a small tear and I'm not afraid to admit it (or am I, I don't know, it's pretty bad). I might start a petition to make it our national anthem as I think it’s much more fitting, as well as being less egotistical for the Queen.
After never giving it much thought in the past, I’ve come to the realisation over the weekend that I’m proud to be part of a country that still has a monarchy, and not only that but to be living during the reign of the soon to be longest standing monarch in English history. Maybe the royal family does cost us money, but they also put it back through tourism and are a source of great history and tradition. And I really don’t hear anyone complaining about those two extra bank holidays. So I say hurrah and God save the Queen!

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