Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Onwards, Upwards, Away!

At the recommendation of a good and wise friend, my blog and I have moved house. So here we are! What do you think? The design is a work in progress, but I'm far too impatient to wait until I have it all right before I blog, as it could be a long long time until I actually understand how to do the things I want to do on it. So far it's taken me about five hours just to change some colours. In relation to this today I got thinking about perfectionism vs impatience. I would say I have a little of both in me, but probably more so of the latter. I want things like lesson plans and stories to look good, to be consistent and to be well edited. But of course at some point the impatience part kicks in and I just get sick of working on something. I want to send a story to the publisher or agent NOW and nothing else will do. Same goes for jobs. I want the best job I can have, but at the same time I don't want to wait, which could land me in a situation where I settle for something crappy just so that I can start earlier.
But despite the obvious downsides such as submitting typos in a blog or in an essay, I am still a fan of impatience. It allows me to actually get on with things rather than waiting for the circumstances to be perfect. Like having a go on a new instrument before getting lessons, or cleaning one half of the pantry but not the other because there isn't enough time, or indeed writing a first blog post before getting the page looking quite right. Without impatience I would agonise over a story submission and probably never end up sending it out. 
I think many people fall victim to never getting to the thing they actually wanted to do, because they are too caught up in the things that 'should' come before it. So if you look at it from this perspective, it seems impatience is in fact a virtue.


  1. Yeah - wise friend Claire here - welcome to blogspot x

    1. Thanks! read urs too it's great- how did u make it look so pretty? i'm struggling with pretty much everything haha. i dont understand the instructions on shabby blogs, thats how bad it is! x


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