Thursday, 16 October 2014

Guilt be Gone

I love my blog.
I hate my blog. 

Today I realised something monumental about my blogging issues. Each post can be as big or small as I want, and I can post regularly or irregularly, it's up to me. The lack of boundaries poses a major problem. Being someone who relies wholly on goals, list fulfilling and timescales,  I have recently been feeling continually guilty about my blog posts (or lack thereof). I haven't had much to say of late. Korea just doesn't make me angry enough to want to write about it.  
When I haven't blogged for a while it hangs over me, worse the longer I leave it. It's annoying.

For the most part I enjoyed my blogging experience. It was fun to put stuff out there and tell of my funny experiences. Now I want to do other things.

The problem is that this is not a finished piece of work, and never can be. I'm therefore stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of guilt!  How can I let it go (or at least have a break) without it bugging me?
I don't want to feel guilty. I want to be free to write something when I want. Or not. It's so different to creative writing, which has a tangible end, a time where I can stop. Having a break at the end of a draft doesn't feel like quitting. But stopping a blog really does.


I won't call this giving up, I'll call it "allowing myself to be happy in laying my blog to rest for a while."
I may well change my mind and be back next week. Or not. Who knows?


I am hereby cleansing my aura of guilt.

No more.

Screw it.

I'm off to Bermuda!

Thanks for reading. 

Oh yeah, one last thing. I got my grades- a distinction for the dissertation and merit overall.
I made it, I'm a Creative Writing Master!