Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I said…. Yeah

It’s hard to know where exactly this story started, in much the same way as it has not yet and probably will never finish. Maybe it began in a small and stuck-up office somewhere in Madrid where I was told to leave and never come back. Or maybe it began before that when I was lucky enough to become an aunty twice over, consequently promising myself I would never move as far away as Korea ever again.
As I searched for jobs, considering and then dismissing (or being dismissed from) various worldwide options, I found myself drawn to the UAE, but for one reason or another it seemed impossible to actually gain employment there at this point. Onwards my eye searched, to the UAE’s bigger, bolder and definitely scarier brother Saudi Arabia. After much deliberation, Lee and I decided we would give it a go. No less than ten minutes into an interview however, it became apparent exactly how big a problem it would be to live there as merely 'a couple.’ Walking down the street together, visiting each others houses or in fact talking to each other at any point are on the list of things that are illegal for a man and woman who are not related or married to do. Hello hands chopped off, or possible stoning (how I joke).This reality led to an awkward moment involving skype and a recruiter named Hannah, in which Lee proposed marriage, and Hannah left us to ‘talk things through together.’

Getting married? For a job? The thought was at first completely insane. Perhaps over time we talked ourselves into it, but nevertheless somewhere down the line it started to make sense. Surely everyone needs a reason to get married and maybe this was ours. I’ve heard a few people say they think marriage should be ‘for love’ but I’m confused why anyone would wag their finger at us disapprovingly and use this as an argument against our decisions. There has never been any doubt as to the fact that I love Lee, and I am certain the feeling is mutual. The real culprits of not marrying for love, in my eyes, are those who do it for money, due to pregnancy or pressure from parents, or because ‘it’s what people do,’ to name just a few reasons.
The next step was to call Coventry registry office. Has there ever been a more depressing thought? I’m not sure. Certain that it wasn’t the right way for us, and after a few too many drinks at a close friend’s wonderful after-wedding-house-party, our plan was born. Vegas baby!
And that was that basically. Four days later we arrived and exactly a week after making the decision we got married. Accidentally during a solar eclipse, may I add!
I loved it. People think Vegas chapels are cheesy, which they totally are, but it’s so perfect because you can do exactly what you want to do, exactly your way, and no one bats an eyelid. My only criticism is that same sex marriage is illegal in the state of Nevada- which seems to juxtapose the entire point, but never mind. The service was ten minutes long, conducted by minister Bob. I was terrified and clung to Lee’s hands, trying not to nervously laugh my way through the vows. I seriously don’t know how people do that in front of all their family and friends! I was actually so scared that it wasn’t till afterwards I realised I had in fact forgotten to say ‘I do.’ I knew at the time that ‘yeah’ wasn’t quite right, but couldn’t for the life of me think why. So there we have it, I am the girl who said ‘yeah.’ Nice one.
Afterwards we had a bottle of Asti and went on the rides at the top of the Stratosphere tower. All in all it was my idea of a perfect wedding!
I'm a great believer in things happening for a reason, so I know that however unconventional or weird it all may seem, something led me and Lee down this path and I know deep down that it was the right thing to do. Added to which, I'll always be able to say that my wedding dress cost 21 dollars! Now what could possibly be better than that?   


  1. I love this story! You guys are so Rock n Roll. Congratulations and good luck!

  2. Fantastic!!!! Love to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Congratulations you two, what a brilliant time you must have had. I think it's a brilliant idea and hope you have a brilliant future together, wherever you are. Post wedding shoot is on me xxx

  4. amazing. well written. you two are the best, and i think this was a great idea. saudi arabia? if you make it will you say hi to my uncles and inbred cousins for me? thanks darling, i love ya always. -fatima

  5. this is awesome Rachel---I love it. I'm actually more surprised at the fact that you and Lee even entertained the idea of moving to the middle east than I am that you actually got married. Hey, either way, congrats!!!!


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