Sunday, 6 May 2012

Not a lot of words, but a lot of words

In the past week I’ve found myself short of things to say. (What? I don’t believe it, I hear you cry) I guess sometimes life is just not that inspiring or noteworthy. Or, it could be said that not blogging is a sign of actually having a life. I’ll leave you to ponder on which of these might be the truth in my case.
One thing that certainly is worth noting, in my eyes anyway, is that I’ve finished draft five of my ‘novel.’ I still think the word novel is strangely formal, but ‘book’ also seems wrong seeing as it isn’t a book yet, but rather just words on a computer screen.
So anyway, I’ve finished this draft. Yey. But of course it is still far from ready to send to a publisher. The question is, when will it be ready? I’ve heard that authors often do twenty or so drafts. I’m sure you could revise something forever and never feel like it was finished. Sometimes, I add in or re-write a line, only to find that I’ve already written the exact same thing in the very next line, or next paragraph. It seems I know myself too well….
I can’t help but be happy that the word count has reached 88 thousand words. Two fat ladies! I couldn’t have planned it better if I’d tried.
The next stage for me is the dreaded, ‘give your story to someone (i.e. Lee) to read, then cry when he comments on all the parts that you know are crap and need working on, but don’t want to be told about.’ Hooray, I am truly excited about draft 6 already.
In other news, I am the proud owner of a new kindle because the edges of the screen were cracked on the old one. The Amazon people were very understanding and didn’t accuse me much at all, instead offering to send me a replacement in the next post. It’s a proud moment for me who never sends anything back, but usually opts for suffering in silence and grumbling about technology instead.

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