Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The End

Major disaster! The bag that was stolen in Thailand included ‘The Ode Less Travelled’ and my notebook. Alas my journey has been brought to an abrupt end.
Here is one final poetry blog that I wrote beforehand on the computer.

Continuing in the study of extinct animals, we move on to the amphibrach, which is an unstressed syllable, then a stressed one, then an unstressed one, ( _ / _ ) such as romantic. Yet again, this is a device which is nearly never used in English poetry. I am given a code to work out- a poem made up of a series of dots to signify stressed and unstressed syllables, but no words. My quest is to guess what kind of poem it is. And would you believe it? I actually figured it out! Yay me. It was a limerick, which is for the most part made up of amphibrachic feet.
Then finally there is the amphimacer, which is—you guessed it—a stressed, unstressed, stressed foot (/ _ / ). But you won’t find many of them in English poetry. Why oh why, I ask you, am I bothering to learn these things then?? Apparently many proper poets don’t even believe in these devises. How can you not believe in something that is definitely there? It’s weird. Like saying you don’t believe in trains, just because you don’t like national rail. Not liking something is not really the same.
Stephen then proceeds to make my head spin with a long list of crazy names for other things that I’ll never need. Quantenary feet, ionic minors, argh! Thank goodness these are only presented as a list, rather than things to be gone into in any detail, as I think either my head would have exploded or I would have thrown the damn book out the window (Not really Stephen, you know I would never do that).
And here I am at Poetry Exercise number 6.
The task is this:

  • Write four lines of anapaestic hexameters on the subject of how to get to my house. So four lines of six _ _ /.
  • Write four lines of dactylic pentameter; four then a spondee for each line. / _ _ / _ _ / _ _ / _ _ // on the subject of cows.

I am given 40 minutes but it didn’t really work out because the first time I got bored halfway through. Then the second time I rewrote the first poem due to it being shit (it’s still not exactly worth reading which is much more embarrassing the second time round) and then did the second one. But anyway, enough rambling. I present to you, exercise 6.

Get a plane to the east off to Seoul for a while, English Village is there- but I’m not!
Once more fly just a short trip to Thailand my home, certainly for a jot.
Where the heart is that’s home and my heart is spread out. Go down Mile lane then left
At the end tucked away where my family lives some of my heart there is kept.

Eating is mainly when I think of cows, it is sad I know but true.
Milk is so tasty and burgers, just don’t think where it’s from.
Yoghurt and cheese and that wonderful, delicious mince beef
Forget the farms and the mass productions, just fill my tum

It’s quite ironic I think that I joked about throwing the book out the window and now it’s been cruelly taken away. And I was only on the first section! Maybe I've had a luckly escape, I don't know.
I think I might continue my blog anyway, to ramble on about my adventures. Not exactly what I set out to do, but it could be fun.
Watch this space…

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