Thursday, 2 February 2012


What do I write about now that Stephen has left me? I must say I’m going through a bit of a withdrawal period, missing his ridiculous intelligence, missing slowly and painfully wading my way through a book I barely understand. But nevertheless, I'm sure I will get over it, and maybe I can still work in the odd poem here and there. Onwards and upwards!
Today I wrote out a draft of my first blog, but on reflection there’s no way I want to post it. One way or another we’ve had a bit of a rubbish time in Thailand so far, what with missing bags and bad attitudes from staff, so the blog turned in to a bit of a depressing rant. And as you may well know, I am the absolute opposite of a cynical ranter (feel free to laugh) so I’m not going to pass the joy on to you.
My idea is this: I will write about whatever comes into my head, and that's about it.
When I got back to my room today, I was trying to find something new to read on my kindle, as I’ve finished all of the Hunger Games- which were recommended to me by a friend and are excellent, by the way. I click on my ‘recommendations’ to see what that’s saying. In case you are not familiar with the kindle, or in fact the word ‘recommendation,’ the kindle makes a list of books you might like based on earlier purchases. A few weeks ago, Lee downloaded ‘The Secret’ for me, a book which is very interesting and helpful regarding life in general, if a little cheesy. And admittedly I may have downloaded ‘chicken soup for the soul,’ which obviously didn’t help the matter, but anyway I now find that the first eighteen books in my recommendations section are self help titles. Is my kindle somehow trying to tell me something? I decide that I should be able to have a good laugh by looking through them. And I'm pleased to inform you that I am not disappointed.
The names are just brilliant: The Science of Getting Rich; Thoughts are things; The Game of Life and how to play it (I was under the impression you just rolled the dice, sending your miniature car round the board, trying to make money and have as many blue-and-pink-pin-children as possible, but I digress). The book that really caught my eye however, was one entitled Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl. Brilliant! And the blurb is just as good, although I really do feel there’s a difference between a woman who stands up for herself, and a bitch. But what do I know? My absolute favourite part of the description is this line: ‘Full of advice, hilarious real-life relationship scenarios, “she says/he thinks” tables…’
She says/he thinks tables!!!! That is possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. And we all know how that table goes anyway, it’s not rocket science. Women say something, men think about either sex, beer or football. End of story. Sorry men, I didn't mean it, although really I did. Please let me know if you have read this book (especially if you are a man), I would love to hear of its wisdom.
Well that’s about it from me for now. Tomorrow we're going on an elephant trek so maybe something interesting to write about there!  

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