Monday, 27 February 2012

Say no to dairy! Say no to dairy!

I’ve been thinking a lot about vegetarianism and veganism recently, mainly because there are a number of people on the CELTA course following one or the other of these diets.  A coupIe of weeks ago I began to look into the benefits of dairy free diets, as it seems I’ve been conned my whole life by the evil milk producers who claim it’s good for us.
Probably driven by guilt, I pondered life without dairy, as I could probably benefit from being a bit stricter with myself when it comes to food. And I already tried the not eating meat thing (for over two years) and in the end the lure of the burger was just too much for me.  

As I looked on the internet, I was pretty amazed by exactly how many products have dairy in them: all the obvious things like ice cream and cheese, but then less obvious like most bread products and even cold cut meats! Unless you’re living in a western country where these needs are catered for and the ‘moo free’ chocolate range is readily available, I think being a diary-free head can be pretty tough. During my extensive research (about twenty minutes- you can't say I'm not thorough) I came across the milk-free website and was particularly impressed by what they had to say. Read it carefully!
‘As a whole, we consume unbelievable amounts of diary products including milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, and others.’
I don’t know about you, but I haven’t eaten a diary in a long time! The last one I chomped was Anne Frank, which if I remember rightly, had a rather bitter taste to it…
Cheers for the info, milk free. Do keep up the good work.
Last night we went out to Chiang Mai and everyone went to a vegetarian restaurant, except me and Lee who took the—somewhat wise as it turned out—decision to eat at the night market (corn on the cob-yeah!)  We arrived back after three quarters of an hour to find the others still waiting for their food. After an hour and a half it finally turned up. Hold on, how on earth can it take an hour and a half to cook something with no meat in it? Vegetables only need to flirt with a stove and they’re ready!
My favourite moment at the restaurant was in the toilet—a sure sign of a great night out, wouldn’t you say? On the wall was a ‘save the animals’ picture. ‘Love us, not eat us!’ it claimed. OK, I thought, looking along the pictures. Cow, fine; sheep, fair enough; dog, I guess in some Asian countries; cat, same applies; and then, hold on a minute, a parrot?? I draw the line people, I draw the line! Unless I’m missing something major here? That new Mcdonalds product parrot nuggets. Everyone’s talking about them.  If you listen hard you might just hear them say ‘pieces of eight, pieces of eight!’
I obviously need to be enlightened on this topic. And so I beg you to please stand up and show yourselves, parrot eaters!
In conclusion, I have sifted through the list of dairy products, and decided that it is silly for me to give up foods derived from milk, especially seeing as yoghurt is one of the healthier snacks I eat.
I have, however, decided to try not eating cheese and butter.
Farewell cakes! So long cheese n crackers! Let’s see how long I can last…


And while we're on the subject of restaurants, here's one of my favourite names EVER!

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  1. Loved this one Rachel!! Very funny to read!! Parrots!! I agree! Not sure I could give up cheese ... but VERY calorific! In Ghana Hannah ate hardly any dairy products as they had no fridge (I think!) and she was Amazingly healthy when she got back......Miriam


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