Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Painful Poetry

We are going to play a game! I have to write some I.P, attempting to insert some of the devices I have learnt into it. And I score points for my efforts, how exciting. This sounds like my kind of sport- no physical effort required at all.

The points are as follows:

T= Trochaic substitution              5

P= Pyrrhic substitution                 5

W= Weak ending                         2

E= Enjambment                           2

I’m pleased that good old Pyrrhic foot is a high pointer.
Stephen urges me to deduct points if I overdo it by using too many of them within one line. Messing it up too much can disrupt the flow of the I.P and make it unrecognizable.
My opinion, however, is that if by some magical occurrence I somehow succeed in using too many rather than too few, then surely I deserve the points.
Screw you Stephen, I’m taking all the points I can get!

And off we go.

Time to write reports today, but be careful
With the negative, even if the kid
Was lazy and annoying, please write kindly!

T                                                                               W    E    
/        _  _       /  _      /    _       / _   /     _                                 
Time to write reports today, but be careful                            9 points!
P                  T                             P             E
_        _   /   _ _     / _    _  _     /
With the negative, even if the kid                                        14 
             P                                                                W
_       /  _  _   _ /  _       /         _      /      _
Was lazy and annoying, please write kindly!                           7

Damn, that just took me an hour. Unbelievable. I need a lie down and a beer. Maybe I should take back the comment I made earlier about this being 'my kind of sport.' That was obviously complete rubbish, as whilst I don't particularly like physical exertion, I am also not a fan of having my brain fried. And the worst part about it is that I’m not sure I even got it right, or indeed scored myself correctly.
Ah well, only another thirteen lines to go.

I’m gonna be here forever!

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  1. well...what a difficult game!!! I think you did rather well. I felt immediately at home with the lazy and annoying little kid tho!! Meryl


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