Saturday, 14 April 2012

Suddenly Lord Sugar seems so sweet

Imagine the scene: two weeks of unpaid 9 till 5 training, including four hours of back to back teaching every afternoon (with not even a five minute break in the middle) and then over 6 hours of homework and planning to do in the evenings. Welcome to the world of Vaughan Systems. We finally arrived in Madrid on Saturday, after being messed about by the company already- in March they informed us 3 weeks before our start date that they couldn’t offer us the job they’d said they would, but that we could come and train almost a month later than planned for a freelance job.  So we took it, for want of a better offer, and that’s what we’ve been doing for the last five days; going to bed in the early hours of the morning, working our arses off to learn the very specific teaching ‘method’, doing stressful last minute extras that were suddenly landed on us right before teaching, and then of course, trying to do well in the classes. The one good thing, which at least reinforces that I actually enjoy teaching, is that the students were lovely.
This morning, pleased at it being Friday and that I survived the week, I dressed up in my ‘power suit’ (black skirt and top- it doesn’t get much better than that) held my heavy pile of books and papers under my arm and went to the office to start the day, only to be taken into a room and told ‘I haven’t got good news for you,’ by one of the most high and mighty bitches I’ve ever met.
So I now consider myself officially apprentice style fired! Hahaha. I was given a list of bullshit reasons, to which I couldn’t help but laugh then I went up to the hotel room and had the long forgotten luxury of a bath. Wonderful.
And what next? All I can say is I think I’ve had a very lucky escape from a cut throat, heartless company, who expect the world, give nothing in return and pay a poxy 15 Euros an hour anyway at the end of it.   Good riddance!


  1. I'm so pissed off on your behalf! I can't believe that. Well, good riddance to them, and now you are free to move on and find something that you will actually enjoy doing! Good luck!

  2. Thanks unknown supporter!

  3. Sounds like your well off out of there hun. You didnt go to spain to be taken advantage of, and it sounds like they are after work monkeys who are not bothered about quality of life but more about where they are. You defo need a good balance of work and social life or its not worth it. Everything happens for a reason as they say, hopefully the next thing to come along will be fab!!! Loves, sarah g. Xxxx

  4. Thanks! yeah i feel happy to be away from it really. we'll see what happens next!

  5. Babe that's awful, sounds even harder than the TEFL course and that's saying something!! What are you going to do now? Stay in Madrid or move on?
    I agree with the others and you that it sounds like you had a lucky break getting out of there.
    I've decided to go for the Drama therapy masters so unless I don't get in I probably won't be teaching but u never know!! I probs won't get in and go off to Brazil teaching, maybe!
    Hope you and Lee are having some good times now,
    loves Beth x


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