Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I'll order two, no make it three

Having lived away from England for a while now, I have begun to forget the ultimate joy found in reading adverts in 'older peoples' magazines, such as Woman’s Own. The adverts in question can be anything from an imitation-diamond encrusted clock, to an entire plate set with the royal family stuck on the front. Always elaborate and completely ridiculous, with equally strange ways to pay for said items, such as by putting thirty 2nd class stamps on an envelope and posting it in, no more than once a week for a year.
For me these adverts are often more enjoyable than the actual content of the magazine. Until coming to stay with the couple near Barcelona, it had been a long time since I was amused in this way. But luckily, I have been introduced to a charming magazine, The Oldie. And there it was, whilst unsuspectingly leafing through the pages, that I came across an advert for a traditional nightshirt. Yes, that's right, imagine Ebenezer Scrooge, complete with cap, and you'll be about there. The great news is that the  shirt is a mere twenty pounds, with the cap thrown in for free! It couldn’t be more perfect. The advert begins in the neverfailing way, ‘treat yourself or the one you love, to the freedom, warmth and cosy comfort of a brushed cotton nightshirt.’ Apparently we can all wave goodbye to tight waistbands, and thankfully for us all ‘women love them too’ so you can order his and hers, with different coloured stripes. Most wonderful.
But the really, really great thing about the advert is the far-too-young man pictured sporting these garments, cap included, looking like it's the best thing that ever happened to him. I wonder how much he got paid for that job.
Another advert I liked in The Oldie was for the Cumberland Pencil Museum. To me there could be no more gripping way to spend a sunny Sunday than ‘taking a journey through the history of pencils.’ I kid you not. I would love to meet someone who’d been there. My guess is that you’d never quite be the same again after being forced into experiencing something like that.
And for now I am done taking the piss. I just had to share because things like this never cease to make me smile. I’m off to read another edition of The Oldie.

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