Sunday, 16 March 2014

Jeju Island Love

A couple of weeks ago we were kindly invited by a friend to stay with her in Jeju Island.
The centrepiece of the island is Korea's largest mountain: a snow capped inactive volcano that erupted a very, very long time ago (yes, that's as accurate as my geography-history is going to get today), creating the rock formations that make up the lay of the land today. 

But before we could begin all the cultured sightseeing, we had to get one job out of the way: an entirely necessary trip to Jeju's famous Love Museum!


Needless to say it was an entertaining experience. I particularly liked the small and notably loveless 'Kids Land' outside the entrance to the museum- a depressing indoor play area for people to deposit their kids before going off to enjoy themselves. 

And now- allowing the photos to speak for themselves- back to an entirely different type of au naturel...   

Rock walk around the cliff
Hole in the wall
The view from the posh live-jazz-in-the-middle-of-the-day hotel we nosed around
Indulging  my Alice in Wonderland side at a maze
The 1km long lava cave. It was so tranquil in here, the only sound the atmospheric drip dipping of water from the ceiling
About to climb the crater
A view from the top through a telescope
The crater
And back down again
I'd definitely visit again, knowing now how much more there is to see. The beaches for one are just lovely, although next time I want to visit during a slightly less blustery season!


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