Saturday, 20 July 2013

Partying in Croatia

I’ve just returned from the two week party, party, forget about Saudi mission and I have to say it worked a treat! This has been my biggest break from blogging since I started, and even though I missed it at times I felt that to sit and write a post would not be in keeping with the par-tey spirit. Catching up on reading blog posts yesterday I was struck by how many are about having tea and cake in rose gardens. Why is this? Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice cup of tea and a slice of Grandmas cake in the sunshine as much as the next person, it's just it isn't  my main source of fun. So I'm here to represent the beer drinking massive. 
For our two week holiday in Croatia we stayed in an apartment in Tisno town and attended two back to back music festivals Garden and Electric Elephant. I realise in hindsight that it’s a bit dumb to go to a house music festival when you don’t really like house music, but at the time of buying the tickets I was only thinking of sun, sea and escaping Saudi. So I guess you could say, in honour of all the twee bloggers out there, that the music ‘wasn’t my cup of tea.' Regardless of my exasperation at the lack of variety, excitement or words in house music however, the friendly atmosphere of the festival combined with copious amounts of alcohol enabled me to get into the party spirit and boogie. Some musical highlights included 'Love is in the Air,' 'Weak become heroes' by the Streets and Mr. Scruff's set. Electric Elephant was more funk/souly, with a fair bit of Bob Marley and peace and love. The stages were right by the sea and the music went on from around midday till the early hours. We spent our time drinking, chatting and dancing way into the night in the open air bars, sometimes even staying around to witness the sun come up. 
The coastal town of Tisno is lined with boats, bobbing gently on the crystal clear water. We often saw shoals of fish and had a lot of fun swimming-although you have to find a good jumping in spot so as not to get attacked by the sharp rocks or urchins. Taxi boats are a popular and relatively cheap way to travel, not to mention totally glamorous. The town is pretty quiet all year round until the string of five festivals begins and the (mainly) Brits arrive. This holiday was the most I've been around the British in a long time. Whilst some might say part of the reason I left England was to escape the British, I must say I enjoyed their company greatly: the humour, slang, scathingness, sarcasm and general similarities with me. We made some really great friends and had a right laugh. I won’t say there weren’t those cringey moments of seeing drunk people behaving stupidly and embarrassing our great nation, but overall the Brits were fun and well behaved. One thing about it being a festival was that I missed meeting the locals and experiencing the everyday culture properly. It seems a lot of the residents go away when the festivals begin (wouldn’t you?) But what little I did get to see I liked: the food is lovely, especially if you’re in to seafood, the people are laid back and friendly and everything is cheap. So a big thumbs up from me!



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