Thursday, 7 March 2013


I wasn't a blogger when I lived in Korea, and in some ways I regret that. Mainly because I have a terrible memory, and blogging is like a sort of diary. I'm sure I've already forgotten half of the funny and weird and great things that happened in the 14 months that I lived there.

So, Korea, this post is for you.

What I miss:
  • The Karaoke rooms
  • The fact that the karaoke rooms were open 24 hours
  • Kimchee Chigae (sp?) and all you can eat bbq
  • My friends- oh how I miss my friends!
  • Hanging outside convenience stores drinking soju
  • The snow
  • The mountains
  • The leaves
  • I sometimes miss my job. Having to dress up as an air hostess and lead the kids into a plane cabin, or putting on a newspaper fashion show, or playing dodgeball.
  • The cats we looked after: Gingee, Maul, Bo and Harry. You were so evil but so cute.



Quirks I miss:
  • That all KPop music has set dance moves that the kids loved to perform in our talent shows.
  • The obsession with never showing your shoulders, but wearing shorts so short your (little Korean) bum hangs out.
  • Children gasping at my 'white face' or being pleased with (and touching) my 'big nose.'
  • Korea's still developing acknowledgement of special needs. For example sending a boy in a wheelchair to the airplane class, where the only options for getting into the cabin were to a) climb the stairs or b) get someone to push you up the steep emergency exit ramp (which the students enthusiastically offered to do)
  • Bars that buy a red wine fridge with the sole purpose of keeping red wine nice and chilled

Things I realise I loved, now that I live in Saudi Arabia:
  • Freedom not to wear an abaya!
  • Going to football/ baseball games
  • An array of cocktails (and alcohol in general)
  • That the kids were mostly angels
  • Talking to men
  • Having men look me in the eye
  • Not being told off for waiting in the street
  • Being able to buy a Christmas tree
  • Feeling like I had a life
So that's it really. Maybe I'm looking back with rose tinted spectacles, or maybe my feelings are purely situational, but I have to say- Korea, I miss you!

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