Monday, 11 February 2013

Watching and watched

It's been brought to my attention that we're most probably being watched and that the powers that be know where we go and what we're doing nearly all the time. Also that people we know here may in fact be 'informers.' Way to make you distrust everybody...
This is a scary thought if you're doing something wrong, or are going somewhere you shouldn't be, but where we're concerned I think it must be a pretty dull job for the watcher. Ooh look, they've gone food shopping again. And now they've gone to the book store. And now the gym. And now back to work. Yawn. It could possibly make for the worlds worst documentary film. But nonetheless it's still a bit creepy.

Something that's really bothering me at the moment is that the internet connection provided for us by the company is terrible and most the time even simple things like facebook photos fail to load. We've complained about this numerous times, and even bought our own internet package, but that turned out to be a complete waste of time because it didn't work either. As a person who works in foreign countries, I feel wholly reliant on the internet. Amongst other things it's my source of entertainment, of communication with people at home and not to mention my only means of seeking other employment. 
The other day I was at a pirate DVD stall, thinking "wow this really is old school," and "are you really telling me I have to pay 25 riyals for a film?" Which in case you don't know, is only about £3.50, but it just seems so weird now to be asked to pay anything for it, when we've become so used to downloading.
I just can't imagine being here without the internet, I think I'd feel so cut off and isolated. I've met someone recently who was in Saudi Arabia before internet was around. Now that really is unthinkable. To be immersed in this world without a means of escapism, or an easy way to talk to family, must've been awful. Also I think the attitudes here would've been very different too- before people had any way of finding out what the outside world was like. Freaky.

So that's it really. Could you live without the internet?

And finally, a poem I made up:

Abaya, abaya, you make-a me fly-a,
windy and sweaty, the sun is so bright.
You're dusty and dirty,
not pretty or flirty
Except the gold trimming-alright!

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